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About us

      Handan Yiniu Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd is professional in fasteners for more than 10 years, total area of 40 hectares, 5 senior technical workers, 100 common workers, 20 sets of advanced facility.


     Now we have R&D production Dept, Quality Inspection Dept,  Domestic Sales Dept, International Sales Depat and Service Dept.

      We mainly produce: hex bolts for high speed rail, railway Bridge Bolts,  hex bolts for subway, hex bolts for tower crane, countersunk bolts, button heade bolts, Expansion bolts with matched nuts and washers. grade 8.8, grade 10.9, grade 12.9 oversize and lengthed hex bolts, nuts. The new quick detachable wall brace tie rods and so on. We can produce goods with different standards like GB, DIN, ANSI, BC, JIS and ISO, We can customize all kinds of special fasteners. We widely gained good repution from customers in India, UAE, America, Japan, Argentina, Etc.

    Obedience to "PROFESSION, INSISTANCE, EXCELLENCE", YN FASTENERS looks forward to coopearte with you to run win-win business in near future.



Contact: Mr. Yan Meng Xian

Phone: 0086-15533053495

Tel: 0086-310-6991110

Email: info@hdynfastener.com

Add: West of WeiZhuang Village, Liuying Town Yong Nian District, Handan City, Hebei province, China

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